Broker Referral Program

When you have a client or prospect who needs immediate access to cash flow, Sky Business Credit has a proven track record of making a decision and closing the deal as quickly as possible.

We Pay Broker Fees for the Life of the Deal


We have the same goal: to fund your clients quickly and painlessly so their businesses can grow.


Our Broker Referral Program offers the following benefits:

  • Creative programs tailored to meet your client’s specific situation and funding needs.
  • Rapid response – most deals are funded within 2-4 days from receipt of a package and a document signing by your client
  • Residual monthly commission for the life of the deal
  • Funding capability provided by Sky, a direct source of capital


If you are looking for a receivables funder or factoring company for your client, ask us to review your deal.

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Broker Incentive Contest

Earn commission for the life of the deal – and a vacation for two!

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How Factoring Saved a Business

Joe’s* business performs collections of past-due utility bills for a large city. It’s a straightforward gig: the city tells him exactly how much they’re going to pay him they tell him when they’re going to pay him his only expense is payroll Unfortunately, Joe consistently had a 10-14-day shortfall between payment and payroll. For years, […]

Start-Up Oil Field Trucking Company Financed by Sky Experiences Rapid Growth

Sometimes, you want to do it for yourself.

In 1986, Paul took a job driving trucks for oil field trucking companies. For almost 35 years, his time and effort enriched other people, helping company owners grow their businesses and wealth.

Then, one day, Paul decided it was time. In October 2020, he and his wife, Shelia, started a business. Like so many other entrepreneurs, their goal was to be more in control of their lives and future.

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